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You are fearfully and wonderfully made,....

My name is Claire.
I am a Certified Systematic Kinesiologist and Bioresonance Practitioner.
I am a mother and grandmother, and I have always been interested in natural health.

After an injury and health crisis with my youngest son, I became passionate about discovering how the body can heal using the proven techniques of kinesiology and bioresonance scanning.

I now offer this personalised natural health treatment to others, like you, with the aim of delivering real benefits to your health and well-being.


Systematic Kinesiology benefits the structural, emotional, chemical and electrical components that make us work in a high state of balance. This gentle therapy gently rebalances you and naturally enhances your well-being.

Bioresonance Scanning uses special sensors within headphones which can scan your entire body right down to molecular level. This technology is designed to detect imbalances and then adjusts your body's energy and effectively tunes it to a healthy frequency, thereby promoting your healing.

Be empowered to make better choices for better health.
Using cutting-edge equipment that quickly and precisely identifies imbalances in your body, and complimenting this with gentle muscle-testing and re-balancing of your system, I can help you to quickly realise real beneficial results in your health.

Bio-resonance diagnostic health scanning with Kinesiology and natural treatment protocol, ensures a personalised healthcare that enhances your well-being by applying a whole-person approach to accurately identify and resolve imbalances and intolerances.

Your first consultation includes a detailed bio-resonance scan of your body that includes all tissues and structures, followed by targeted corrective meta-therapy and kinesiology that will set you on your healing journey back to health.

Naturl Health Claire


Bioresonance Full-body Diagnostic Scan and Corrective Treatment including Homeopathic Remedy
Consultation: 2hours
Cost: £100

This is your first consultation.
Initial first consultation includes a detailed full-body bioresonance scan to include all tissues and structures and can include corrective meta therapy, homeopathic remedy and kinesiology balancing, and food-testing.

Recommended for your first consultation, this is a Bioresonance body scan that can accurately discover the root-cause of your ill health.
This cutting-edge diagnostic software is non-invasive and will quickly identify issues with your bones, joints, muscles, autoimmune system, coronary vessels, arteries, veins capillaries, kidney, bladder, ovaries, uterus, prostate, lungs, trachea, bronchi, stomach, intestines, oesophagus, liver, thyroid, adrenal glands, hormones, enzymes.
Dealing with sleep problems, bacteria, fungi, viruses, parasites, allergens, environmental toxins.

Discovering the root-cause of your problems means that treatment is targeted and effective, leading you back to health in a safe and natural way.

Bioresonance Diagnostic Health Scan
Consultation: 1hour 30minutes
Cost: £60

This scan is ideal for dealing with specific health issues, and includes a detailed targetted scan of the areas of concern, (this scan is not a full-body scan.)

Similar to above, this consultation can accurately identify issues with your bones, joints, muscles, autoimmune system, coronary vessels, arteries, veins capillaries, kidney, bladder, ovaries, uterus, prostate, lungs, trachea, bronchi, stomach, intestines, oesophagus, liver, thyroid, adrenal glands, hormones, enzymes; dealing with sleep problems, bacteria, fungi, viruses, parasites, allergens, environmental toxins.

(Homeopathic remedy if needed, £10 extra)

Follow-up Bioresonance Consultation
Consultation: 1hour
Cost: £60

Bioresonance scan of the areas of concern identified in your previous consultation, with the application of meta therapy and kinesiology as required.

Remote Bioresonance Scan
Consultation: 2hours including feedback
Cost: £100

You can now benefit from being safely treated remotely without the inconvenience of visiting my clinic.
This is a full scan identical to a personal visit, made possible by advanced German and Russian technology. 

I can either email you the results of your scan or arrange a call at your convenience to discuss the findings.

Hormone Testing, and Rebalancing of your Endocrine System
Consultation: 2hours
Cost: £100

Hormone testing using Kinesiology hormone testing kit and Bioresonance scan of the Endocrine system.

This scan is excellent for exposing the root causes of infertility, and includes treatment and remedies.

Kinesiology Treatment
Consultation: 1hour
Cost £40

Kinesiology is a simple, safe and precise muscle-testing procedure for finding problem areas, using specialised lymphatic massage, nutrition, gentle acupressure, and emotional-releasing to balance your entire body holistically.

Food Intolerance Testing
Consultation: 1hour
Cost: £40

Discover products that are causing harm to your body, often food or drink that is unsuspected or undetected by mainstream diagnosis.
Food intolerance testing is performed using non-invasive muscle-testing with food vial kits.

Naturl Health Claire


FacebookClient reviews from Facebook:-

I have had quite a few sessions with Claire over the last year, and the benefits I have had from the treatments have been life-changing. Her gentle and kind approach immediately put me at ease, but it is her expertise, professionalism and her ability to get to the root of a problem and deal with it that really stands out. Her advice has been invaluable, I now go for maintenance check-ups and look forward to them. I highly recommend Claire.

Claire is a lovely person who has a passion to help people with poor health; her vast experience in and training in kinesiology brings an alternative view on your position. I had a full bio-resonance scan and it revealed to Claire information that I knew, but was previously unknown to her, as frankly I was a little sceptical. I strongly believe that Claire can help me stop this vicious circle of poor health getting worse.

Had a great appointment with Claire, she’s so lovely but very professional and interested in getting to the bottom of your problems! Highly recommend! And can’t wait for another visit.

Had a great session with Claire yesterday she is so helpful and informative and genuinely wants to help. 
Would definitely recommend you try it.

Had a lovely time with Claire, very insightful and have since made changes to my diet. Within a week I was feeling great! Thank you! and looking forward to next visit!

I was with Claire tonight and as always it was really interesting .
Claire takes her time with you and explains everything and answers questions. I highly recommend Claire.

So lovely meeting Claire last night , she was so informative and passionate about heath and wellness and really wanted to get to the bottom of why I’ve been feeling unwell . I’m going to make some changes and take the remedies suggested and I’m looking forward to seeing wat next few months brings.

it's so Interesting and you'll be so fascinated in how the body works.. Claire explains everything as she goes along. I'd highly recommend Claire.

Claire is genuinely interested in helping you and has a lovely way with her clients, I highly recommend Claire.

I visited Claire on Thursday. I was at my wit's end with episode after episode of my [condition]. she has given me hope. She gave me advice on my diet and showed me areas within my body that were causing the issues. I had some kinesiology and she gave me realistic changes to make with my diet and already I feel better. Claire is so lovely and makes you feel very welcome and comfortable. She is very clearly passionate about her profession.

Wow! Totally amazed!! ..everyone needs to see it to believe it. I felt 100% reassured. I would recommend a health m.o.t to everyone or anyone concerned about aches, pains, diet etc should give Claire a visit.

My experience with Claire was totally unexpected the time that was spent with Claire was amazing I am feeling so in tune with my body and Claire was able to pinpoint my problem area outstanding look forward to my next visits thank you Claire.

Naturl Health Claire

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